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Terms & Conditions


Are non-refundable and & confirm your date of service.



If you need to cancel your appointment, kindly give us 24 hours notice prior to your appointment to cancel. Same day cancelations will be charged 50% of your balance owed.


No Show/Late Policy

There is a no tolerance policy with no-show and late appointments. Clients have up to 5 min after appointment time to keep their scheduled appointment. Late time between 5-10 min will be charged an extra $50 , after 10 min your appt will be canceled and you must pay remaining balance in addition to late fee. No Show - no call will be charged full amount plus + $75 inconvenience fee.


Inclement Weather

During months of extreme weather, especially during Jan-Apr, artist reserves the right to use discretion for the safety of travel. Appointment may be canceled or may have a delayed arrival time if there will be inclement weather. If appointment is canceled, client will have exactly 6 months from the date of canceled date to book another appointment and will only pay remaining balance.



If client is not feeling well on the day of the appointment or has an emergency, please notify artist as soon as possible. Your appointment will be canceled and/or rescheduled to a next available time.  If artist is not feeling well on the night/day of appointment, artist will make every effort to find a replacement for your appointment or provide recommendations.


Hotel – Venue Appointments/Parking

Please be sure to the provide exact name/address of the hotel you will be getting ready at. Send your room number 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you will be checking in the day of, text your room number prior to our appointment.   – Parking – Client is responsible for covering parking, meter or metro fee’s for hotel appointments.


Appointment Conditions

Please be courteous & refrain from excessive talking/texting on your phone while getting your makeup done. This prohibits the makeup artist from completing your application in the time frame given and perfect the look that you have invested in.


Home Environment Conditions

Please ensure there is ample space for the makeup artist to work. We require adequate table or desk space to lay products out and perform work. Please let us know if you do not have table space.



Our business continues to grow thanks to the visibility of capturing our clients photos/videos in the best light. Transformation video and/or pictures may be taken at your appointment, we reserve the right to use on our social media platform for the sole purpose of content usage to showcase before/after transitions or, at times, after pictures. If you do not wish for your pictures to be taken please let us know prior to your appointment.

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